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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jude Law's Priestly Penthouse Paradise - repurposed Church in Manhattan.

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A 20' wide Nana Wall retractable exterior door accordion was used to open the penthouse wall..

Its always interesting to see where Hollywood's top actors choose to live when they come to Manhattan.  Here is a peek into a penthouse apartment designed by Inson Dubois Wood in a 1905 church and formerly the residence of Jude Law was recently on the market for 12.5 mil. Originally purchased for 6 mm the home was fully renovated to include a stunningly beautiful glass stair, all glass master bathroom with hidden tv and a titanium clad powder room. Other design features include a solid steel entry door with a thumb scanner for added security. A similar apartment on a lower level without the stellar views, nor the dramatic glass stair and crystalline bathroom designs sold for north of 12 million. To see more of this designers award winning eclectic designs see their website 

The monograph of Inson Dubois Wood entitled Inson Dubois Wood: Interiors  has been recently published by Rizzoli Press International.