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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Architecture of Nature - The Unnatural Furniture of Marc Fish

Fish's one-of-a-kind pieces are created through an incredible mastery of the most refined practices in micro stack-lamination today and have attracted the attention of designers, architects and collectors worldwide. His unusual and unique process, which implements only dry, cold-carving techniques, is unparalleled in the world of independent studio woodworkers. 
As Fish only creates a few select designs per year, his work is highly sought after. His passion is for one-off pieces; drawing on exquisite craftsmanship and a good design ethos. Fish draws inspiration from natural forms, often exploring the Victorian obsession with natural history as with his celebrated Nautilus Table (2011), Mollusque Table (2012), and the Laminaria Series (2015).

While sculpture and architecture provide stimulation for his inimitable outlook, it is the design process itself that has inspired and propelled the success of Fish’s latest body of works: The One Piece Series.

Each of the works in the One Piece series begins as a single board that is shaved into hundreds of paper thin laminations. By stack laminating the pieces together Fish creates the primary shape of the work.  It is then bent without heat, steam, or water preserving the integrity of wood.  Fish hand-sculpts the work into its final form before applying artisan finishing materials and techniques such as ceruse, resin and metal compounds, or clear acrylic resin.

The creative eye of this imaginative artist whose furniture is more art than function challenges us to reconsider the use of materials what was once alive now takes on another life all to its own. Man's incessant need to tinker and tweak nature to his own particular view - recreating the old into something new - taking nature into a hybrid morphogenetics - making something beautifully natural in its utter unnaturalness.